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What's The Difference?

Tall or small.

The Travipod Mini® extends to a height of31" (79cm)whereas the Travipod Maxi® extends up to60" (152cm).

Compact & portable.

The Travipod Mini® is better suited for small handbags and purses, whereas the Travipod Maxi® is best for medium to larger-sized bags.

Both models are portable enough to help you create content on the go!


Everything you need, in one.

The Travipod expands out into a tripod and retracts into a pocket-sized wand that can be easily carried around anywhere you go!

It also has a bluetooth remote so you don't have to walk back-and-forth to take the perfect shot.

Holds your phone with ease.

Most tripods are an absolute pain just to attach your phone onto.

The Travipod makes it simpler than ever with its swivel design that will allow you get the perfect angle you need.

Compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones (cases work too!)

You'll never leave home without it.

Never again will you have to carry around a heavy and bulky tripod.

The Travipod is your all-in-one tool that will absolutely change the way you travel and make content.

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