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Selfie Mirror

Selfie Mirror

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⚠️ This item is currently back-ordered, it will not ship out until Jan 27th - Feb 1st.

The Selfie Mirror sticks onto the back of any smartphone allowing you to take high-definition selfies using your back camera! 

✔️ Reusable sticky adhesive

✔️ Compatible with any smartphone

✔️ Works with or without a phone case

✔️ Includes a travel-sized box to protect and hold the mirror

✔️ Allows you to take the perfect shot through your back camera


Material: Plastic/Metal

Diameter: 3cm/1.18"

* Includes a storage box

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Why Use The Back Camera?

Because it dramatically enhances the quality of your photos and videos compared to the front camera!

Take the perfect shot, everytime.

This selfie mirror helps to ensure that your face and background are centered perfectly in the frame - making every photo come out exactly the way you want.

Stick it onto any smartphone.

This mirror contains a strong adhesive that will stick onto the back of your smartphone (with or without a case).

Can be reused several times!

It's not just about selfies.

Whether you're an avid creator for TikTok, Youtube, Pinterest, and more...

This mirror will help you record high-quality content without having to guess if you're correctly in frame.

Express Your Beauty

The camera on the back of your phone is there for a reason. Let's put it to use and express your beauty in high-definition.